-Winter Pack-
Inspired by the time of giving and spending time with the family Winter pack was developed to bring you joy and love in every way despite having bad and hateful moments, you just have to think about the joy that will happen in these last days of the year

[Note: I hope you like the package I am happy that you get to use it in your world and celebrate a great Christmas season]

[Texture Pack Video:]

This pack only has 10 elements of mizuno 16 and the other elements were made by us so you already know what it contains
[Mizuno is asked for its textures approval for weeks]

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Enjoy your Christmas winter with this package, I hope and enjoy it to the fullest I will leave you some beautiful images that have the same things as the package
馃巹Happy Winter – 2020馃巹


The new version is here with a great expansion of new textures and these are the
images, you see that it is little but in reality it is a lot when you add it to
your square world, what does this update have? Many amazing things that change
the nether, ui, gui and end

Images from the [Best Ice Update]


The penultimate update of Winter Pack has arrived and it includes too many
changes in the gui and ui, in addition new blocks and new mobs with clothes
were also added and new textures were also added to the armor and tools for
a good pvp and more hope and enjoy the new update -Candy Cane Update-

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