Today the TwitchTube Creators Team brings you a new addon created by DelamGameplays, this one adds OreSpiders. 

These 9 new orespiders will make your gaming experience more fun and special. 

Each spiders drops different minerals, according to their appearance you’ll realize what it gives you. 9 spider can be found on the OverWorld’s.

The 9 new OreSpiders are:

  • Coal Spider (Drops between 3 and 6 of Coal)
  • Diamond Spider (Drops between 3 and 5 of Diamond)
  • Emerald Spider (Drops between 1 and 4 of Emerald)
  • Iron Spider (Drops between 4 and 9 of Iron)
  • Lapis Lazuli Spider (Drops between 16 and 32 of Lapis)
  • Gold Spider (Drops between 5 and 10 of Gold)
  • Redstone Spider (Drops between 8 and 16 of Redstone)
  • Ice Spider (Drops between 10 and 20 of ice block)
  • Snow Spider (Drops between 9 and 20 of snow block)
Iron Spider
Diamond Spider
Coal Spider
Snow and Ice Spider

Download OreSpiders:

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