This pack will take you to another dimension of the game which you can enjoy with all your friends in order to bring fun to new worlds of minecraft from a different point of view, in this skin pack you can find all kinds of characters in which they you could identify yourself. Friday Night Fukin Skin Pack is designed for all audiences and adapts to all types of maps and / or textures

Friday Night Fukin Skin Pack

You can be all the characters every week and rap with any skin.
You can also be a villain like Lemon Demond.

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By TheGhostStudios & TwitchTube

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New version of the skin pack based on the most famous rap video game, take your imagination further with the new skins based on the best mods in the game. Role with your friends with these new skins. att. The Ghost Studios -News skins -Bug fixes on skins

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New skins and more fun, new recognized characters come to the new version of the skin pack of Friday Night Funkin, enjoy these new skins and also have fun with your friends role-playing. Att. The Ghost Studios
  • -News skins
  • -5 Skins HD
  • -Bug fixes
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